Technopreneurship for Students

Technopreneurship for students is expressed as a desired outcome in T.I.P.’s outcomes-based education (OBE) model. Integral to OBE is the development of engineering and technology graduates with industry-desired qualities, such as technopreneurial skills. Armed with technopreneurship skills, T.I.P. students are molded based on the envisioned Engineers of 2020 – engineers and technology workers with strong analytical skills, practical ingenuity, creativity, excellent communication skills, business and management skills, leadership, high ethical standards, professionalism, dynamism, agility, resilience, flexibility, and a desire for lifelong learning.

This multitude of skills is encapsulated by the four (4) core skills of technopreneurship which are:

Technopreneurship Core Skills

Problem Identification

Distinguishing and formulating problems with business opportunity implications


Creating realistic and opportunity-maximizing solutions to identified problems

Market validation

Testing an ideated solution against actual market needs


Implementing a problem solution

These technopreneurial core skills are essential for disruptive innovation that can help companies solve problems, create new markets, overtake existing markets, and provide more affordable and useful products and services in a highly globalized and competitive world. When effectively learned through experience, these skills therefore make T.I.P. engineering and technology graduates more valuable to any industry.